About Us

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Cogwheel Validator is a new player in the validating blockchains. We started our first Proof of Stake validator in March 2023. We started from one chain and then we started expanding. And we will continue improving  and expanding our services.

Our Mission

At Cogwheel, our mission is clear: to provide users with a reliable staking option. We achieve this by employing a strategic mix of both bare metal and cloud servers, all securely housed in data centers across US and Europe.

In addition to our commitment to reliability, we offer services designed to enhance your staking experience. Explore the potential of your investments through our user-friendly explorer. If you prefer compounding your rewards, take advantage of our convenient restake option.  We’re dedicated to not only safeguarding your assets but also optimizing your journey in the world of staking

Our Vision

Our vision extends beyond providing staking services. We aspire to expand our validator across diverse blockchain networks, contributing not only to their security but also actively participating in their growth.

We envision a future where blockchain technology is not only accessible and secure but also serves as an empowering force for individuals and businesses worldwide.

Looking ahead, we plan to deploy our own Dapp, making it accessible to everyone. This initiative reflects our dedication to creating valuable solutions that contribute positively to the blockchain ecosystem. 

Our Journey so far!​