Exploring the Nibiru Chain: Innovative Dapps to look out for - Part 1

Published:05. June 2024.

The Nibiru blockchain is rapidly growing, with a steady stream of innovative decentralized applications (DApps) being built on its infrastructure. In this exciting new series, each article will showcase 5 DApps to demonstrate the potential of Nibiru Chain.

A small warning before you continue. This article is meant to showcase DApps that are in development or are already in production, partially or fully available on the chain, none of the details from the article should be considered as financial advice. You can use this article for your research and decide how will you proceed with your investment. All of the data for this article has been used from the official websites of the projects.

Five DApps that will be showcased in this article:

  1. Coded Estate
  2. Token Factory
  3. Constella Options
  4. Houdini Swap
  5. Kryptonite Finance

Coded Estate

The Coded estate is redefining the real-estate. It is a Real World Assets (RWA) platform that offers decentralized ownership of property. Coded Estate aspires to be the epicentre for real estate, where its foundational principle of decentralization addresses and conquers challenges faced in property investment, whether fractional or entire structures.

Coded Estate introduces the transformative benefit of fractionalized ownership, allowing users to invest in portions of real estate assets, democratizing property investments and ensuring broader participation.
Consumers can explore and purchase homes or indulge in vacation retreats, transacting smoothly in digital currency, empowered by smart contracts and Coded Estate’s combination of cutting-edge- technologies.

Coded Estate pioneers the use of NFT pools to enable fractionalized real estate ownership. Through this model, users can acquire a stake in real estate assets proportionate to the number of NFTs they hold. These NFTs are more than digital tokens; they represent a quantifiable share of a property. Holders of these NFTs are entitled to a corresponding share of the revenue, be it from rental income or the appreciation of the asset’s sale value.

From the tech perspective Coded Estate uses CosmWasm and ZK-proof hybrid smart contract, AI-assistant.

CoswWasm contracts are used on Nibiru to execute transactions on the blockchain seamlessly. When properties are acquired, reserved for rentals or reserved from fractionalized NFT pools, payments are channelled directly through these smart contracts.
Coded Estate utilizes ZKP-hybrid smart contracts, integrating on-chain code with off-chain data facilitated and verified by zero-knowledge proof technology. It fetches and verifies off-chain data such as real estate data and docs from verified databases while only using the necessary data so the security and privacy of the data are shielded from the public.
The Coded AI assistant is there as a virtual companion capable of serving all of the user’s needs. It can enhance property search by offering filters and suggestions based on user preferences and market trends. It can do a property valuation and answer queries or concerns users might have.

Token Factory

Token Factory is an easy DApp to use. Do you want to make your token with just a couple of clicks? Token Factory has you covered.

The process is easy: Enter the Name and Symbol of your new token. Enter the Decimal of the token. Usually, you enter a number between 6 and 18. Enter the minter address and token cap. When you fill in the necessary data you will need to enter addresses and the amount of token that will be minted to that address. Then you will be asked to enter the Project name, Logo URL and description of the project.

Token Factory is a nice tool if you want to kickstart your project, maybe you want to make a new meme token, or you might want to tokenize an asset.

The Token Factory is ready to be used on the mainnet.

Constealla Options

Constealla Options is a cutting-edge DApp built on the Nibiru blockchain that allows options trading in decentralized finance (DeFi). This platform allows you to create, buy, sell and execute options contracts seamlessly.

Users can easily create option contracts by entering the amount and setting the counteroffer amount and expiration time. You can list your option, if you desire, and sell it. You can also buy an option from the market.

Options trading is a very advanced form of trading assets. Options trading can be used as a way to hedge your investments, make a profit by speculating the future price of the token without having to own the underlying assets or make a profit by selling options on the market and many more features. Constella moves the borders in the DeFi.

Constella is available on the mainnet but some other functions need to come online to be usable (NUSD needs to come online).

Houdini Swap

Houdini Swap is the leading provider of private transactions for sending, swapping, bridging, and receiving cryptocurrencies across all major chains. It ensures sender anonymity by concealing wallet addresses when transacting.
Houdini has over 30 chains connected where you can make private transactions across different chains. Houdini Swap’s transactional privacy is achieved through the innovative use of a dual exchange system, where two distinct, unrelated exchanges interact with a randomized suite of Laye 1s which act as a privacy layer severing any connection between them. This approach prevents any single party from viewing the entire transaction path and results in reliable, lower-cost, private transactions.

Houdini is available and ready to use if you want to give it a try.

Kryptonite Finance

Kryptonite protocol is a Liquid Staking Platform providing an infrastructure to make staking easier for the users. This platform has been mostly used for SEI but recently Kryptonite will be available on Nibiru. For now, you will be able to Liquid Stake your Nibi. The only thing that is not available at the moment is the fact that there are no pools NIBI/stNIBI to trade if you want to buy or sell the token instantly.

That is all for now. Stay tuned for part 2 of the series. If you want to support our work you can stake your assets with us.